Prokalkeo Moving Forward

Things have been busy here at Prokalkeo-we’re working on some stuff that we haven’t announced yet for a client, but it will be up soon.

As a small consulting firm, we realize that we have to set ourselves aside from the rest of the pack, and we do this with quality, technical knowledge, and building analytical toolsets for each of our clients. As our site indicates, we specialize in looking forward at how technologies and trends intersect to create a future, and do so while avoiding a number of the fallacies that tend to plague forecasting.

We have some great content lined up about our methods over the next few months. We’ll also be showcasing  some guest posters who will sharing how emerging technology affects their field, as well as what the cutting edge in a variety of fields are, just so that our followers and clients can keep up to date with what’s important.

You can expect to see posts on the variety of topics shortly:

Emerging Technology and Advertising

Emerging Technology and Fashion

Technology Improvement Forecasting Methodologies (Moore, Wright, Goddard)

Future’s Research Methodologies (Examining work done by the Millenium Project)

And a wide variety of other content.

As always, we bring top notch analysis of the state of technology, the markets surrounding them, and how they intersect.